Krungsri Plern Plern

Lifestyle & Financial Content Hub

Awareness Campaign, Influencer Marketing, Longform Article


While basic finance is unarguably essential, most find the knowledge too daunting to digest. Plearn Plearn by Krungsri attempt to bridge the gap, as the lifestyle and financial content hub for everyone.


To resonate with people of different demography and interests, we choose to communicate Plearn Plearn’s concept through the stories of 3 different influencers who have unique views and approaches to making money a simple aspect of their lives.
With their stories, we hope to shift people’s perception of money and inspire them to come to Plearn Plearn to learn more about how to make their lives simpler.

We create a variety of content on Plearn Plearn website, featuring lifestyle, trends, and basic financial topics that people can relate to, and promote them via Krungsri Simple Social media platforms.