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Despite having been established in Thailand for over 100 years, their brand hadn’t been recognized by Thai at the public level as they mainly operate at the B2B level. We need to create mass awareness on the back of their power plan business for their IPO launch.


• Make people recognize B.Grimm as one of the top brands

• Get attention from investors to invest during their IPO

18.52% Increase in stock price 

Within 1 month period (JUL 21 – SEP 22, 2017)

(Compared to IPO price (18.9 THB)

Using energy consumption in daily lives to relate the audience to B.Grimm as the driving force behind Thailand’s energy infrastructure.

We use a combination of historic photos, real footage, and computer graphics to tell a story of B.Grimm’s heritage, current key success, and plans for the future annual incorporate videos.