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Run A Lay's Immersive Brand Experience

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With the constant shift in consumer preference, the food and snack industry is extremely competitive. Pepsico must face the never-ending challenge of creating brand love as well as collecting user data to develop new products – a task that is further complicated by having multiple brands to work with. We must find a way to let each brand have its own space to shine while keeping the user engaged with the Pepsico brand as a whole.


To reflect Pepsico’s brand value to “create more smiles with every sip and every bite” we created an enjoyable brand experience through gamification and activity campaign – gaining both user engagement and user data from their participation. Working closely with the Pepsico brand team and other media agencies, we extended the game to support the sales scheme and KOLs events. 

Run A Lay’s is a fun and easily relatable game featuring new brand characters with each level designed to highlight different products.

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