Krungsri Simple

Multi-platform, Branded Content

Social Media Content, Media Optimization


Banking is a competitive industry and communicating with current and acquiring new customers must start from brand awareness that turns to engagements. 
We need to create Krungsri Simple’s relevancy for all target groups by customizing different contents for each platform separately while maintaining a single-minded brand consistency under the concept “Make Life Simple”.


To make audiences prioritize and consider changing spending behavior, we choose to communicate with the direction “GROWING WEALTH, SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE” by pointing out the benefits of having financial planning to make life simple.

Reassuring potential customers with the sense of human touch by adjusting lead form with a simpler and more convenient user experience for signing up.

We created social media content supported by paid media to give the brand essence with the feeling of ease and convenience that match the target lifestyle. By using customized content for each platform differently, we are growing more engagements while optimizing for a better result with up-to-date content aligned with brand direction efficiently.